Investing In Hawaii Cider Co.

Hawaii Cider Co. has partnered with the good people at WeFunder to launch a very special investment campaign. Prior to May 16, 2016 U.S. securities regulation stated that only people whose net worth was substantially higher than average citizen's were able to invest in high-growth startups.

Now, based on new regulation in the JOBS ACT, everyone has the right to invest in what they care about and believe in. WeFunder is community sourced fundraising—what makes it different from others, which have come before this is: rather than getting perks like t-shirts, gadgets, and shout-outs for investing in startups, investors on WeFunder get stock!


Currently Hawaii Cider Co. is not accepting investment from individuals or groups outside of the United States. Within the U.S., we are especially encouraging investors from Hawaii to support the project. Supporting local business is important and that's doubly true in Hawaii, where most foods and beverages are imported from the mainland. For this reason, it's vital to the local economy for shoppers to vote with their dollars by choosing local options. The way we see it, local residents who are supporting the project by buying our ciders at Hawaii stores and restaurants ought to take advantage of the opportunity to reap the benefits of the company's success.

How much can I invest?

Based on the new rules set forth in the JOBS Act, the amount individuals are permitted to invest is determined by a calculation provided by the securities exchange commission. The minimum, however, is only $100. To find out how much you qualify to invest, set up an account at It's easy and only takes a minute.

How do I invest in the Cider Co?

Visit our profile at, sign up for an account, and invest!

Contact Hawaii Cider Co.

For questions on investing or if you are a local fruit farmer that would like to see your harvests turned into delicious tropical cider, email us at